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For aviation stakeholders

Augmenting performance through Artificial Intelligence


We provide new insights into your operations through data-driven analytics. We bring you predictive capabilities for fuel uplift recommendations, safety risks mitigation or optimised flight profiles.

We work with various data sources: safety data, flight monitoring, maintenance and more. We merge your data with metheo or network-wide traffic and execute an IROPS optimizator over of your entire fleet. We can improve fuel consumption under the different weather, seasonal and traffic conditions under which your different aircraft may be operating.

Airports and Air Navigation Service Providers

We work with airports and air navigation service providers to improve the performance and safety of air transport. We develop descriptive and predictive analytics to improve runway performance, sequence approaches, study go-around behaviour, analyse en-route operations or balance resources in predicting congestion.

Authorities and policy-makers

We collaborate with aviation authorities to improve in the arenas of innovation, productivity and competitiveness. Artificial Intelligence is an extraordinary tool to address prospective needs in aviation and passenger mobility and, even more importantly, to improve the governance of digitalization. Innaxis invites authorities to face together this challenge and to team up with data owners, ensuring confidentiality and protection of data in the process.

Our air transport simulator, Mercury, is capable of developing detailed assessments of policies, providing guidelines on how emissions, mobility or capacity-constraints might evolve in the future and impact different stakeholders in various ways, including through passenger mobility.