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About us

Innaxis consists of a very interdisciplinary group of researchers, scientists, mathematicians and engineers who work hard to solve the most challenging problems. The team has been growing since 2007 and includes a complementary range of skills, education, and training. Many of the professionals on our team have established landmarks across different areas in aviation.

Working with us

Most of our team works from our main site in Madrid, Spain. We have a flexible time schedule, a centric and comfortable office and great working conditions. We are also happy to offer remote work if you seem to be a good fit for our team but do not reside in Spain.

With the efficient teamwork of our researchers, software engineers, data scientists, physicists, designers, mathematicians and aerospace engineers, Innaxis can discover new, innovative ways to provide novel insights into the performance of aviation.

We are always looking for talented professionals. If you think you are a good fit and are interested in our work, please send us your CV. We will be sure to take your application into consideration.