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2nd Workshop on Data Science in Aviation, 21st May, Paris

After much success in 2013, we are happy to inform you The Innaxis Foundation and Research Institute is preparing the 2nd workshop on ‘Data Science in Aviation’: Recognizing the importance of the subject matter, the EUROCONTROL Agency Research Team (ART) has decided to host this workshop which will be held at the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre in Brétigny on May 21, 2014.

Many business functions have entered into a new era of decision making as a result of increasing abilities to store, access and analyze data. Many companies are now focusing on managing information streaming from their different business activities and developing new analysis techniques for the information. The areas of aviation, planning, safety assessment, automation, performance assessment and many other applications can greatly benefit from this new approach, which in its broader context, is called Data Science.

Data science is a set of fundamental principles that support and guide the structured extraction of information and knowledge from data. Data science leans on well-known data-mining techniques, however, it goes far beyond these techniques with successful data-science paradigms that provide specific applications. Data science and data-driven decision making involve principles, processes and techniques for understanding phenomena via the automatic analysis of data with the ultimate goal of improving decision making.

Data Science is a multi-disciplinary endeavour combining a range of skills in a variety of fields. It sits at the intersection of different disciplines: complexity science, statistical physics, network theory, data mining, knowledge discovery, computer science, indexing techniques, stream data processing, data evaluation environments, scalable analytics, visualization and most importantly, strong domain expertise.

Details on this interesting workshop, agenda and registration information will be published in the next days in our website