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Call for entry level or junior Data Scientists

Innaxis Research and Foundation ( is currently seeking for exceptional Data Scientists to join its research and development team based in Madrid, Spain. The position is directed towards talented and highly motivated individuals who want to pursue and lead a career in Data Science and Big Data outside of the more mainstream, conventional alternatives such as consulting or academia. Individuals with a great dose of imagination, problem solving skills, ambition and passion are encouraged to apply.

As a Data Scientist, you will mainly assist the team to understand, analyse and mine data, but also to prepare and assess the quality of such. You will also develop methods for data fusion and anonymization. Ultimately your goal will be to extract the best knowledge and insights from data, overcoming technical limitations and committing with regulatory requirements. You will also work closely with data engineers, you will help the engineers team to define the requisites for the Big Data architectures; covering the whole process of data gathering, processing and delivery. You will always need to be ahead and use the latest technologies and solutions for the ultimate performance and data insight.

About Innaxis

If not unique, Innaxis is at most not conventional: it is a private independent non-profit research institute focused on Data Science and its applications: most notoriously in aviation, air traffic management and mobility, among other areas.

As an independent entity, Innaxis determines its own research agenda and has now a decade of experience in European research programs with more than 30 successfully executed projects. New projects and initiatives are evaluated continuously and open to new opportunities and ideas proposed within the team.

Our team consist on a very interdisciplinary group of scientists, developers, engineers and program managers, together with an extensive network of external partners and collaborators, from private companies to universities, public entities and other research institutes.

Wish lists

Our team members work very closely, so broader knowledge means a much better coordination. The following list of skill defines the whole Data Scientist team at Innaxis. No not hesitate to apply, even if you don’t fulfil all the skills below. Hardly any single person does.

  • University degree, MSc or PhD on Data Science or Computer Science, or related field provided sufficient experience.
  • No professional experience required, although it might be positively evaluated.
  • Proficient in a variety of programming languages, for instance: Python, Scala, Java, R or  C++ and up to date on the newest software libraries and APIs, e.g. Tensorflow, Theano.
  • Experience with acquisition, preparation, storage and delivery of data,  including concepts ranging from ETL to Data Lakes.
  • Knowledge of the most commonly used software stacks such as LAMP, LAPP, LEAP, OpenStack, SMACK and similar.
  • Familiar with some of the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms currently available such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and similar.
  • Understanding of the most popular knowledge discovery and data mining problems and algorithms; predictive analytics, classification, map reduce, deep learning, random forest, support vector machines and such.
  • Hands-on experience on most common visualisation tools: Tableau, Qlik, QuickSight, etc.
  • Continuous interest for the latest technologies and developments, e.g. blockchain, Terraform,
  • Excellent English communication skills. It is the working language at Innaxis.
  • Availability and wiling to travel to Europe and engage with our research partners and stockholders.
  • And of course, great doses of imagination, problem solving skills, ambition and passion.

Your benefits

The successful candidate will be offered a Innaxis’ position as a Data Scientist, including a unique set of benefits:

  • Being part of a young, dynamic, highly qualified, collaborative and heterogeneous international team.
  • Great flexibility and most excellent working conditions.
  • Long term and stable position. Innaxis is steadily growing since its foundation ten years ago.
  • A fair salary according to the nature of the institute and adjusted to skills, experience and education.
  • Independence, as a non-profit and research-focused nature of Innaxis, the institute is driven by different forces than in the private sector, free of commercial and profit interests.
  • The possibility to develop a unique career outside of mainstream: academia, private companies and consulting.
  • No outsourcing whatsoever, all tasks will be performed at Innaxis offices.
  • Opportunity to get around Europe while visiting our extensive partner network.
  • An agile working methodology; Innaxis recently implemented JIRA/Scrum and all the research is done on a collaborative wiki/Confluence.

How to apply

Interested candidates should send an email to [email protected] containing:

  • An up-to-date and detailed CV in pdf, references, academic records and proofs might be requested afterwards but they are not necessary for applying
  • research motivational letter, explaining carefully why she or he is the perfect candidate.
  • It is highly recommended to include any professional Internet presence, such as GitHub and/or Stack Overflow profiles, website-blog, portfolio, LinkedIn account , etc.
  • Any other relevant information supporting the application

You will be contacted further and a personal selection process will start.