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Innaxis holds parallel session at The European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition (FET11)

Carlos Alvarez, President of The Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute chaired the parallel session, “Complex Systems for an ICT-enabled Energy System¨ at The European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition (FET11) held this past 4-6 May in Budapest, Hungary.

FET11 aims to provide a unique forum dedicated to future and emerging information technologies. It proves to be successful in bringing together scientists, policy makers, industrialists, and other stakeholders to discuss the latest breakthroughs and challenges within the industry.

The parallel session organised by Innaxis explored the ways in which Complex Systems science has had a role in the modelling, control, simulation, and governance of the future Energy System. Within the session a foundation was laid for a new research community to be able to formulate innovative approaches to help pave the way for future European-scale initiatives.

Other speakers included:

Pablo Viejo, European Institute for Energy Research,

Nikos Hatziargyrio, National Technical University of Athens, and

Daniele Miorandi, The ComplexEnergy Project

An insightful discussion was held throughout the session as a wide variety of professionals were brought together including some from Salzburg Research, Innova, and Smartlab-University of Genova.

Copies of the ComplexEnergy White Paper were also distributed to the attendees.

The presentation given by Carlos Alvarez introducing and kicking off the parallel session can be downloaded here.

Any questions or comments can be sent directly to [email protected].

Complexity Science, Energy