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Innaxis interviews with Baquia TV-Spain

On September 17, 2008 Innaxis interviewed with Baquia TV of Spain. Baquia is a source of statistics and news regarding the business community in the Internet and New Technology sectors. As Innaxis teams up with universities, NGOs, businesses, and other non-profits to help bridge the gap between science and society in order to promote the concept of complexity science in hopes of improving the complex systems around the world; Baquia TV wanted to interview Innaxis to get an overview along with their objectives for the future.

Above is a clip of the interview with Baquia TV´s president, Rodolfo Carpintier personally interviewing the president of Innaxis, Carlos Alvarez. The interview is done in spanish, and Carlos talks about Innaxis´initiative in Spain. Rodolfo brings up that many businesses in the United States are in collaboration with research institutes. Carlos explains how Innaxis is trying to improve the dialog between science and society in Spain through collaboration between many different types of entities. The collaboration with businesses, NGOs, universities, and non-profits has already resulted in great outcomes.

Carlos also talks about how the concept of complex science can be used to improve various present systems such as the management of air traffic or even the international financial system, and that Innaxis is working continuously to help move Spain in that direction.

Rodolfo Carpintier ends the interview recognizing that what Innaxis is trying to do is very difficult; but he praises the initiative and congratulates Carlos and Innaxis for the development that they have done.

The entire interview can be found on Baquia´s website: