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Innaxis looks forward to sharing their work in ATM at SIDS 2013 in Stockholm


As in every year, many of us are getting ready to participate in the SESAR Innovation Days, organised by Eurocontrol and the SJU, this year in Stockholm.

In 2013, Innaxis has been particularly busy in this research field and, just as in previous editions, we will be especially active during the SID. In any case, with the goal of stimulating discussions with you in different research areas, this email aims to give you a small briefing on how we are participating in Stockholm in this important event:

The ComplexWorld network has gone a long way in the last three years. Paula López ([email protected]) will give a presentation on the first day providing details of the different activities and how the network is setting itself up for 2014. On Day 3 the network will hold the satellite event “Complex Metrics in ATM” and a PhD session. Please, do not hesitate to talk to Paula ([email protected]) if you are interesting in more information on the network activities.

At Innaxis we have been working on passenger-oriented metrics for a few years now, crafting a detailed tool to compute those metrics focusing on the 4 hour door-to-door challenge of FlightPath2050 and now Horizon2020. On the second day of SID (27th Nov), our colleagues from the University of Westminster will present this tool and the initial results . As part of our efforts to improve the way performance is assessed in air transport, this year we also worked on other case studies, including scenarios in which there is no tool set available to correctly design ATM operational concepts. To tackle the challenges of changing ATM while still remaining in control of the performance assessment, it is critical to look into new ways of estimating KPIs. This is what the tool set developed by CASSIOPEIA has accomplished. A poster about this project and the tool set developed will be available at SID.

If you would like more information on the four hour door-to-door challenge in which Innaxis is currently engaged, the latest passenger metrics developed in POEM, or the most recent agent-based CASSIOPEIA modelling framework, please do not hesitate to contact the architect of these design tools for ATM, Samuel Cristóbal ([email protected]) who will be at the conference over the whole week.

Data Science has been an area of major interest at Innaxis over the last few years and in October we organised the first Data Science Workshop for Air Transport, which was held in Madrid. We are working on different elements of an infrastructure to allow major data mining work for Air Transport on different fronts; from evaluating current delay propagation, resilience of airports and airlines against disturbances, to evaluating new paradigms on safety monitoring, all of which is based on powerful data analytics. We are very proud of our advancements in the area. On Tuesday the 26th, our colleague Massimiliano Zanin will present  a paper comparing traffic density as measured today (i.e., number of aircraft crossing a sector), with other measures based on data analytics. If you need any information about this interesting research topic, please contact Mass directly ([email protected]).

Information Management has also been an area of interest for us. In particular, we think the Data Science paradigms will only be fully enabled if data is shared across stakeholders and this can be achieved only if the right secure and encrypted mechanisms are put in place. We present as a poster a number of SecureDataCloud ideas for ATM. This will be of use on different fronts; safety and fuel consumption, among others. You should also talk to Mass if Information Management is your area of interest.

Last, but not least, we will also serve as rapporteurs and we will help Eurocontrol to extract some conclusions as well as provide our own views on future research avenues. Carlos Álvarez will take care of this during the closing session. Please, contact Carlos ([email protected]) if you feel inspired by his words!

We hope we have many opportunities to interact next week and hope you find our activities interesting and motivating for future initiatives.

See you in Stockholm!

Data Science