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SESAR Exploratory Research call, a short report

The last SESAR Exploratory Research call, closed on September 10th, was allocated with nearly 39M€. A total of 128 proposals were submitted to this call and centered on two main threads:

ATM Excellence Science

This thread received 40% of the funds and 43% of the proposals, where the most popular topic has been Environment and Meteorology for ATM (10 proposals of 0.5-1M€ each).

ATM Application-oriented

With the 60% of the funds and 57% of the proposals, 17 proposals for the UTM topic have been received (1-2M€ requested per proposal). This has been the most popular topic of the whole call, highlighting the size of this community.

Below you can find two graphs (done by us) detailing the percentage of proposals per thread and the total of proposals received per topic.

Also have a look here for the list of topics.