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The First CAMERA Mobility Report is out

The European Union designates significant funds for various research areas via framework programs, such as Horizon 2020, with aviation research being just one of them. As part of its coordinating activity, the EU is performing investigative actions across those areas to make sure the fund usage is optimal and properly addresses the needs of European citizens.

CAMERA 1st Mobility Report is a result of the research performed so far within the CAMERA H2020 project that aims at analysing research initiatives from the past decade that focus on the European air transport system and its integration with other transport modes. The focus of the report is to investigate 158 selected research initiatives in European mobility research to determine their coverage of mobility challenges, identify potential gaps and form recommendations for future research initiatives.

Initial exploratory analysis performed so far captured a set of 158 mobility projects. The analysis was performed on a macro-level, exploring the projects’ goals and assessing them in two ways: against the challenges defined in the performance framework and through automatic clustering of projects into nine different groups. Automatic grouping of the projects revealed a fairly diverse coverage of various research areas in mobility. The selected projects cover a number of crucial topics for mobility, such as innovative technological concepts, socio-economic and environmental aspects of mobility, sustainable development, and so on. Initial findings indicate that research into the resilience of transport systems, that places a passenger at the centre of those systems, is a mostly unexplored area. Closely followed is the research that focuses on passenger demand. Lack of knowledge in that area can be flagged as a critical gap in light of the importance of the passenger experience in shaping the future of European air transport systems.

Finally, there is a need for more multidisciplinary research in mobility. A number of holistic research initiatives that simultaneously address various mobility issues should be increased in order to make Europe globally recognised as providing a high-level mobility experience and delivering excellent mobility research results.

The digital version of the 1st CAMERA Mobility Report is available! Download here and subscribe to our newsletter to receive many other information regarding the project.