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All layers come together

Author: Luis Delgado

And everything comes together: the final integration of the three layers has been achieved.

Vista is now able to model the full ATM phases from the strategic planning of flights, schedules and passenger flows to the tactical execution and tracking of individual flights and passenger itineraries, while considering pre-tactical flight plans, ATFM regulations and passengers itineraries generation. The model capabilities allow us to model Current, 2035 and 2050 scenarios with different system evolution (Background factors) and testing selected factors (Foreground factors).

Vista combines different modelling techniques (agent-based modelling, data mining techniques applied to historical data, stochastic modelling, event-driven simulation) to produce a holistic view of the ATM system across the different ATM phases and stakeholders.

Traffic evolution through Europe is captured by the model while key metrics identified and tracked across the different scenarios for different stakeholders (airlines, airports, ANSPs, passengers and environment) for the three ATM layers.

Vista has shown its capabilities not only to assess key metrics for a given scenario but to capture their evolution across the different ATM phases. Vista has extended current classical metrics suggesting and estimating new indicators such as cost of uncertainty.

The close collaboration between universities, research institutes and key stakeholders (ANSPs and airlines) has proven successful on addressing the challenging topic of analysing in a holistic manner the trade-offs that emerge from applying different factors on different stakeholders. Vista has shown how complex interactions can be modelled and captured to assess the full impact of new regulatory and technological changes in the ATM system.

But this is not the end of this exciting adventure: Vista website and the different deliverables produced will remain available, further dissemination of model details and key results will be carried out and do not miss our final deliverable (D5.2 Final Assessment Report) and the report on the final results (D1.2 Final Project Results Report).

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