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Domino goes door-to-door!

AUTHOR: Damir Valput As an attentive reader of this blog might already know, Domino’s main goal is to collect evidence on how various implementations of mechanisms such as 4D trajectory adjustments (including Dynamic Cost Indexing, DCI), Prioritisation of Flights (such as  User Driven Prioritisation...

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All layers come together

Author: Luis Delgado And everything comes together: the final integration of the three layers has been achieved. Vista is now able to model the full ATM phases from the strategic planning of flights, schedules and passenger flows to the tactical execution and tracking of individual flights...

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Domino: The knock-on effect

AUTHOR: Luis Delgado The objective of Domino is to analyse the coupling of elements in the ATM system and how changes (for example, by implementing different mechanism) have an impact on the interrelationships between elements. In order to achieve this, Domino will develop a set of tools, a...

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VISTA: priorities and building a credible model

Setting priorities and building a credible model In Vista, capturing the level of development of the ATM system in the 2035 and 2050 horizons is critical, and we need to ensure that the most relevant scenarios for stakeholders are prioritised during the project. A consultation with relevant...

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SecureDataCloud – applying secure computation to ATM data

The achievement of an efficient information sharing and coordination between the different stakeholders involved in air transport and ATM is nowadays considered one of the most important priorities in aviation, with potential benefits ranging from improved safety and reduced delays, to more environmental-friendly...

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