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SIDs 2015

Given DATASET’s long-term scope and air-transport oriented approach, this blog post addresses the upcoming SESAR Innovation Days (SIDs). Research outcomes are only beneficial when it is disseminated to other people/entities/agencies/stakeholders. Given that, please consider this post as part of the promotional obligation of the event, not to mention the presentation includes research threads that will be crucial for DATASET model development.

The 5th edition of the SESAR Innovation Days will be hosted by Università di Bologna, Italy from 1st – 3rd December 2015. The SESAR Innovation Days (SIDs) are the main vehicle through which SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) disseminates the results of its long-term and innovative research programme and the event has become a milestone in the European research calendar. Presently SESAR-WPE supports 26 research projects, 3 research networks and 20 PhD studies, and to date has funded more than 75 organisations. With the transition to SESAR 2020 and its Exploratory Research programme under the H2020 calls, Europe will continue to benefit from similar frameworks, leveraging the success of the present research programme and attracting new researchers and scientific disciplines to ATM.

The SIDs is coordinated by EUROCONTROL, as it’s been every year, and Innaxis, University of Westminster, and all of the DATASET partners will be attending as active participants. Interested in learning more about their participation in the SIDs? Continue reading below!

  • EUROCONTROL annually coordinates the event. In particular, Colin Meckiff (EUROCONTROL) is General Chair of the event, and Dirk Schaefer (EUROCONTROL) the Programme Chair. Although they are not directly involved in DATASET2050, they can be reached through Innaxis if you are interested!
  • The Programme Committee includes Andrew Cook (University of Westminster) and David Perez (Innaxis). Both will be more than willing to speak with you at the event regarding DATASET or the SIDs in general. Don’t hesitate to contact them should you have questions!
  • One of the main research priorities within Innaxis and University of Westminster has been exploring trade-offs between different stakeholders. For this particular SIDs, University of Westminster, Innaxis and Belgocontrol will present the paper “Controller time and delay costs- a trade-off analysis.” The paper will be presented within the technical session of the SIDs.
  • The EC four hour door-to-door goal requires additional work and analysis in order to be fully understood. This includes building new modelling tools in which the metrics and data analysis will help to understand how to fully achieve this goal. Innaxis has particular strengthen within the mobility research area, and the Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action DataSET 2050 (both coordinated by Innaxis) and the SESAR-CASSIOPEIA agent-based modelling framework may be of interest to you if you are working on mobility research challenges. Please do not hesitate to contact our architect of mobility tools for ATM, Samuel Cristóbal ([email protected]) and Jorge Martin ([email protected]) who will both be in attendance at the conference.
  • The ComplexWorld network has advanced very much within the last five years. The network coordinator Paula López (Innaxis) will give a presentation on the first day of SIDs, which will provide an overview of the ComplexWorld evolution since it was launched with key emphasis on the 2015 outcomes. Furthermore, ComplexWorld will participate in the research Tournament on Wednesday Dec. 2nd. Please feel free to talk with Paula ([email protected]) if you are interested in additional information.
  • For a few years, Innaxis has been working on new air transport metrics and indicators. Along these lines, we have been crafting a tool to compute metrics against real traffic data with advanced visual tools to help understand these complex metrics. On the day before SIDs (Monday Nov 30th), we will be hosting a workshop on air transport resilience metrics: The 2015Resilience2050 Workshop. Registration is free and more information can be found here: Please contact Hector Ureta ([email protected]) for further information on the workshop and/or resilience research.
  • Data Science has also been an area of major interest for Innaxis in the last few years. We are working on different elements of a big data / data science infrastructure that allows major data mining for Air Transport across different fronts: from evaluating current delay propagation and the resilience of airports and airlines against disturbances, to evaluating new paradigms on safety monitoring; all of which is based on powerful deep analytics. We are very proud of our advancements in this area. Our colleague Massimiliano Zanin will be at the conference, and you can feel free to contact him ([email protected]) regarding this topic.
  • Complex network theory is also of same importance within Innaxis’s research and it has been increasingly used to study the air transport system by defining static or dynamic structures to characterise how airports are connected. Our ComplexWorld PhD student, Seddik Belkoura, will present a poster titled “A young person’s guide to the reconstruction of air transport networks” depicting how the sampling processes intervening in the construction of such structures can affect the topological stability of the final system’s representation. Please contact him if this is of your interest ([email protected]).
  • Also, Information Management has been an area of interest for us. In particular, we think the Data Science paradigms will only be fully enabled if data is shared across stakeholders. This can only be achieved if the right security and encrypted mechanisms are in place. Along these lines, there will also be a discussion about the main results of the SecureDataCloud project. Please talk to Massimiliano if you would like to learn more about Innaxis’s efforts in Information Management.
  • Last but not least, Innaxis will serve as a SIDs rapporteur and will help Eurocontrol to extract key conclusions and provide our own views on the future research avenues. Carlos Álvarez (Innaxis President) will facilitate this during the closing session. Please, contact Carlos ([email protected]) if you would like to continue the discussion!

Hope to see you in Bologna!

Hector Ureta

Data Science, Mobility