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ComplexEnergy 2nd Workshop proves successful

Innaxis and Create-Net lead the preparation of the Research Roadmap.

On November 16th, The Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute along with Create-Net organised the second workshop of the ComplexEnergy project, putting together a group of experts from the ICT, Energy and ComplexSystems field. The goal of the workshop was to discuss the future roadmap for energy research in the context of complexity science and ICT fields.

The meeting was quite productive thanks to the scientific and technical level of the different experts. At the workshop officials from the European Commission also advised the best strategies for fostering research in this area. Innaxis and Create-Net will lead the preparation of a Research Roadmap that will take form of a public deliverable to the European Commission during the first quarter of 2011.

More information on the ComplexEnergy project and in the Energy/ICT/Complex systems research fields in general can be found on

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