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Madri+d, leader in Spanish R&D communication, announces ComplexWorld Network


On the 21rst of October, Madri+d posted an announcement of the official launch of ComplexWorld in their online weekly newsletter.

Madri+d is a network that brings together public and private research institutions and industry with de aim of improving regional competitiveness by transfer of knowledge. As one of the few resources that compiles all Spanish R&D news, it is a widely renowned as the go-to place for the latest articles from the government, industry, and academia.

The article stresses the aim of the network as bringing together researchers from universities, research establishments, and companies that share common interests and expertise in the study of Air Traffic Management from the Complexity Science perspective. The ComplexWorld network is led by Innaxis. More information can be found here.

The article, written in Spanish, reaches out to a large Spanish community and motivates them to become involved with the network and with European initiatives in general.

The Network is moving at a fast pace and the news concerning it has been widely disseminated. Please refer to the past blog post concerning the Network´s first draft of the White Paper as well as the SESAR WP-E Network Call for PhDs. Any questions can be sent to [email protected].


ATM, Complexity Science