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ComplexEnergy White Paper Draft Now Available

The Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute along with CREATE-NET are pleased to publish a draft of the ComplexEnergy White Paper.

After many revisions and discussions, a first draft of the ComplexEnergy White Paper has become available. Members of the Expert Panel also contributed to the advancement of the White Paper and will continue to do so until the paper becomes finalised.

The White Paper is one of the deliverables for the ComplexEnergy initiative. The project, funded by the European Commission´s 7th Framework Programme, focusses on Complex Systems for an ICT-enabled Energy System. The activities of the project can be described as the following:

  • Bridge the gap between Complex Systems, ICT and Energy research communities.
  • Identify the potential of ICT-enabled energy modelling, control, and management solutions built on the results of Complex Systems Science.
  • Propose future FET initiatives at the junction of ICT, Energy and Complex Systems.
  • Magnification of the level of awareness, at European scale, of the potential impact of advanced ICT techniques implementing concepts and tools from Complex Systems research for the design and governance of the energy system.

The draft version of the White Paper can be found on the ComplexEnergy website here .  The draft is intended to stimulate discussion and comments from the public. Considering that the ComplexEnergy initiative is a crossover between the ICT, Energy, and Complex Systems disciplines, many professionals are sure to find the paper interesting.

Any type of feedback and comments are welcomed and can be sent to: [email protected] .

Complexity Science, Energy