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SESAR WP-E Network ´Mastering Complex Systems Safely´ is officially launched

Being one out of the two networks that will be presently launched by SESAR, Innaxis as Network Coordinator teams up with the other Members to kickstart the operations.

On the 19th of July, Innaxis along with the other Network Members: University of Seville, DLR, NLR, University of Palermo, and the University of Westminster joined up with members of Eurocontrol and the SJU to discuss the future of the Network.

This 1.6M€ network that will span over four years is expected to provide a structured way to build research knowledge, competence and capability that should serve the industry in the long term. Currently the network titled ComplexWorld, has over 40 interested Participants.

The Network has laid out the Work Programme and Research Trends along with other useful information on their website: .

Interested individuals and entities may contact the Network members for more information through their website and also by email: [email protected] .

SESAR has also launched WP-E Projects. Documentation for the call can be found here . The closing date is the 26th of October.