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ComplexWorld Seminar. Air Transportation Systems Conference


Incorporating the ComplexWorld 2013 Seminar. Toulouse, 8th to 11th of July 2013.

ComplexWorld will be holding its 2013 seminar at the 2013 Air Transportation System Conferences, which is being organized as four coordinated events including: ISIATM International Conference, Air Traffic Operations Symposium (ATOS); Association of Scientific Development of ATM in Europe (ASDA); and the ComplexWorld Seminar, exploring complexity science applications in ATM.

These concurrent conferences will be held in Toulouse, France at ENAC from the 8th to the 11th of July 2013.The format of the conference has been designed alternating plenary sessions with keynote speakers with parallel sessions coordinating the schedule in such a way that all attendees can decide which of the sessions is more relevant for him/her at any time.

The ComplexWorld seminar is intended as a forum to bring together researchers from academia, research establishments and industry, that share common interests and expertise in the field of Complexity Management, which lies at the intersection of Complexity Science and Air Traffic Management. It will focus on applied solutions (concepts and developments) in areas that explore how Complexity Science can contribute to understand, model, and, ultimately, drive and optimise the behaviour and evolution of the ATM system that emerges from the complex relationships between its different elements.

The CW event will present three different but related activities:

  • *The CW paper sessions (9th July) on relevant topics including Complex Systems modelling, emergent behaviour, data analysis, aviation metrics and safety. During this session, a presentation of the ComplexWorld Wiki will be given;
  • *A workshop on the topic of Resilience in Air Transport (10th July in the afternoon); and
  • *The Tutorials (11th July in the morning) given by key experts in the fields of Data Science in ATM, Intermodality Complexity, Non-determinism and Uncertainty, and Delay Patterns and Propagation of delays.

Registration for the ComplexWorld Seminar can be completed on this page, which also gives you access to all of the parallel conferences. If you are interested in attending only the Workshop on Resilience and/or the Tutorials, please send us an email to [email protected].