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The Drucker Institute’s Forum on Managing Complexity

The Global Peter Drucker Forum is an annual event organized by the Peter Drucker Society Europe, a non-profit association affiliated with the Drucker Institute. Peter F. Drucker was a writer, professor, management consultant and self-described “social ecologist,” who explored the way human beings organize themselves and interact much the way an ecologist would observe and analyze the biological world. The Drucker institute is committed to spreading his ideas.

Innaxis feels an affinity with the Drucker Institute’s scientific approach to human interaction. Several of the projects in which Innaxis is involved, such as the ComplexWorld Network project which studies the complexities of the ATM system under the WP-E theme, ¨Mastering Complex Systems Safely¨, examine, among other things, actions and disturbances across the ATM system as a result of human behaviour.

And so it is of particular interest for us to see that this year the Drucker Forum, entering its 5th year, will look specifically at an area very much close to our interests; Managing Complexity.

The Drucker Forum will gather some of the most prominent management thinkers and CEOs from around the world to discuss their views, experiences and studies on the topic of Managing Complexity.

While the forum’s approach is in the context of business organisations, it specifically looks at what can be learnt from disciplines such as natural or social sciences or aesthetic fields, asking how organizations can transform themselves to deal with increasing complexity and issues such as uncertainty. Hence for our colleagues experienced in the study of organisational systems such as air traffic management, resilient systems designed to cope with uncertainty or complex networks, this forum may be an opportunity for a promising cross-disciplinary exchange.

Registrations for the conference, to be held on November 14 and 15 in Vienna are already open (details can be found here) and the call for submissions is open until July 1.