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European mobility for the future: strategic roadmaps and performance assessment

What are Europe’s mobility goals and how can progress towards these goals be measured? What would make up a feasible set of key performance indicators (KPIs) for mobility? And which major aspects of the work towards creating Europe’s future transport system are addressed in the Mobility4EU Action Plan?

These are some of the key questions that will be discussed at a workshop organised by the EU-sponsored CAMERA and Mobility4EU projects on 15th June in Brussels.

The aims of the “European mobility for the future: strategic roadmaps and performance assessment” workshop are to acquire feedback from experts from different mobility sectors on the development of a strategic roadmap for the European transport system (Mobility4EU Action Plan) and to discuss the research requirements, gaps, and bottlenecks shown up by this roadmap (Progress towards EU mobility goals).

The workshop will consist of two distinct sessions: the morning session on the Mobility4EU “Action Plan”and the afternoon one on the CAMERA “Progress towards EU mobility goals” topic. Both of these sessions will rotate through three parallel round-table discussions, and participants will actively contribute to the development of the Action Plan and to the identification of important aspects to be taken into consideration when designing Europe’s future transport system.

Do you think you could bring something to these discussions? Are you interested in hearing what other experts think? Don’t miss this opportunity: take a look at the agenda and register for the workshop now! Admittance is free but places are limited.


BRUSSELS, 15 JUNE 2018 Blue Point Brussels
Bvd. Auguste Reyers 80
1030 Brussels
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