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ICT for a global sustainable future


A conference on ´ICT for a global sustainable future´ will be held in Brussels, Belgium on Jan. 22, 2009. The conference is being held with the support from the EU-funded project PARADISO.

As countries all around the World- both developed and emerging are continually working to try to find the best path for a sustainable future, it becomes increasingly complex. Environmental, social, and economical issues are all at hand and somehow must come together to provide a true sustainable growth and development.

In the past two decades ICT has been a driver for the development of countries worldwide; and can continue to provide the same benefits if developed and managed wisely. The conference will be about discuss what is at stake and which research areas can be usefully explored in the short and in the longer terms so that appropriate infrastructures, applications and services, based on Information and Communication Technologies, can be available tomorrow for the citizens of the world.

Relevant industries include Electronics, Microelectronics, Information and communication technology applications, Information Processing, Information Systems, Sustainable development, Social Aspects, and Telecommunications.

Innaxis director, David Perez, will be attending this conference.