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INX sponsors roundtable discussion- Spain & technological advances

December 2008

Innaxis sponsored the monthly roundtable discussion held by EuroAmerica this month. For this month´s roundtable, Maurici Lucena was the invited speaker. Maurici Lucena is the president of the board for the European Space Agency (ESA) and also the general director for the ´Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial´ (CDTI).

Maurici Lucena spoke about the technological advances that have occurred in Spain, speaking briefly about: the industrialisation of scientific advances, the ¨technology push¨, the ¨market pull´, and lastly ¨systems of innovation¨.

For the last topic, ¨systems of innovation¨, he mentions that collaboration between universities and research centres are key for businesses.

Interesting enough- this theory mirrors Innaxis´s approach on innovation. Innaxis has a vision of exploring new ways of dialog between science and society. This has proven to be successful as some our most promising project findings come between this uncommon collaboration.

Lucena´s final reflections in his presentation remind us not to forget that the relationship between science, technology, and businesses in a country depend on many factors and more importantly the direct support of R+D+I from the educational level, labor market, financial system, institutional quality, macroeconomic stability, etc.