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Authors: Inés Gómez and Paula López-Catalá

After more than 10 years (13 to be precise), we have decided that it is time for a fresh look. However, this wasn’t decided on a whim — it was researched in a thorough analysis exercise.

Innaxis’s first projects were devoted to applying complexity science to social-technical systems. While we have participated in projects within different fields of research (like energy or ICT), air transportation has always been our core area and where we have most developed our skills and ecosystem. Based on this, it seemed clear that we should move towards the .aero domain!

The development of increasingly complex models, fed with a growing variety of data, helped us better understand aviation data sources: from its acquisition and management to its analysis and representation. Today, after 8 years of data-driven work, tens of projects and hundreds of technical documents, Innaxis has become a leader in aviation data analytics and machine learning research.

All this evolution (or revolution!) has encouraged us to not only change our domain (, but our entire visual image. While we loved our unique orange color and rolled up logo, we decided to match our new look to the colours of our industry, which is also undertaking a revolution towards more sustainable aviation. The resulting blue skies with its greener future gives a new feel to our image.

And if we were going to change the logo and colour… why not change the font too? Different versions of the logo have also been prepared to adapt to different formats and layouts.

But this is not all! Together with the new image, is a completely new website in format and content. We hope the new site brings you a clean, modern space where you can find all the content you need about our activities, capabilities, projects and other material, including a link to our Data Science in Aviation blog.

We are quite happy with the outcome, and hope you like it too. Welcome greener aviation, welcome .aero!