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INX Founder F.J. Mancebo is chosen to be part of SESAR Joint Undertaking Scientific Committee

The SESAR Joint Undertaking is a unique public-private partnership in air traffic management (ATM) research and development founded by the European Commission and Eurocontrol with the objective of revolutionising the air traffic management in Europe.

To help with the scientific aspects of the research work programme under SESAR, the SESAR Joint Undertaking has created a Scientific Committee. Through a highly selective process, this team will help reinforce the SJU innovative and scientific approach to building the future Air Traffic Management systems and procedures. This committee is composed of an astronaut, professors, and researchers and are now part of SESAR; demonstrating the strong involvement of the Scientific Community to guarantee high level academic contribution to the SESAR programme.

It is our great pleasure to announce that our very own founder, Dr. Francisco Javier Mancebo, has been chosen to be a part of this highly respected 12 person team.

Dr. F.J. Mancebo has more than 20 years of experience in research in applied mathematics in a variety of aerospace fields. He graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and later obtained his Doctorate in Aerospace Engineering in the same University. He has authored more than 15 articles published in world-class scientific journals (agreed by the Journal of Citation Reports). He specialises in systems modelling and simulation, dynamical systems theory, partial differential equations, reaction-diffusion problems, waves in fluids, 4D trajectory analysis and trajectory prediction for air traffic management purposes and related problems.

Dr. F.J. Mancebo has developed an intense research activity in the last years in the air transport sector, culminating with the co-founding of The Innaxis Foundation and Research Institute at the end of 2005. Since then, Dr.Mancebo has acted as Scientific Advisor for The Innaxis Research Institute collaborating in all the research activities of the Institute, focussing in developing a scientific research agenda in the context of air transport for the Institute.

As part of the Scientific Committee, the team will focus on:

  • the scientific analysis of SESAR from different angles: economics, human factors, statistics, mathematics, computer science, physics, technology;
  • the liaison between SESAR and the academic and scientific communities across Europe including education of the future SESAR interested engineers & scientists and
  • the scientific value of the SESAR results.

In reference to the newly formed Scientific Commitee, Patrick Ky, Executive Director of the SESAR Joint Undertaking states, ¨Having these personalities on-board will enable SESAR to build on sound scientific foundations. Thanks to the contribution of the Scientific Committee, SESAR JU will establish strong links with academic institutions conducting applied research of relevance to us. We strive for an innovative approach at SESAR and the input of the Scientific Committee will stimulate the technologists and engineers to think out of the box and deliver breakthroughs in ATM research.¨

Innaxis prides itself on interdisciplinary, collaborative research, and continues to bridge the gap between science, policy making, and implementation. We look forward to the future achievements of the SESAR Joint Undertaking Scientific Commitee as Dr. F.J. Mancebo carries on the same Innaxis core values in the roadmap to ATM research advancement.