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Minister of Science and Innovation invited to speak at Innaxis-sponsored event


Innaxis had the pleasure of sponsoring another roundtable event held by Euroamérica.  Euroamérica is an independent, non-profit organisation whose principle objective is to stimulate the cooperation and the understanding between insitutions, businesses, and other European and Latin American personalities, for the promotion of a relationship between Europe and America.

The Minister of Science and Innovation was invited to speak at this event. She spoke about the major investment that will be put in R&D in order to beat the national crisis.

The main solution, she says, is ¨the cooperation between the government with superior education along with scientific research and innovation. ¨

For this, she talks about the supplement of the investment that will be put into R+D+i. On top of the already decided amount, there will be additional resources of 490 million euros destined to go to the ´Plan Español´ for the economic stimulus and ¨to strengthen the thread that holds the productivity of our country¨.

She also speaks of European-level cooperation, and even Iber-American cooperation. Although in times of crisis, ¨Spain must still maintain its outstanding commitment of being both a cultural and political link between both regions of the world.¨