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Resilience2050. Workshop 24 Nov 2014

The workshop on Resilience opened the debate around the state-of-art in the context of resilience in the Air Transport System and its operations. Both the new discoveries made in the field by the FP7 project consortium, together with inputs from other teams researching in the field were welcome in this event attached to the SIDs in Madrid. The icing on the cake was asocial-networking event to discover historical Madrid city-centre, and its “resilience” to time, wars and many other disturbances.

Date: 24th November 2014, afternoon Full agenda below

Location: UPM university- ETSIAeronauticos building (detailed explanation on logistics here). Room: “Emilio Herrera”:

Attendees: Almost 50 people from operational field (airlines, airports, ANSPs) and research entities&institutions (Universities, SJU, European Commission, EUROCONTROL) attended this interesting event! Thank you all for the smart questions & comments raised and the inputs given, both during the event and the posterior talks


  • 14:00 Welcome (Paula Lopez, Innaxis).
  • Introduction to ATM Resilience and the project. (Hector Ureta, Innaxis,presentation)
  • The Resilience concept – Performance based definition of resilience. (Peter Foerster, DLR, presentation)
  • Analysis of the human role in the resilience of air traffic management. (Sybert Stroeve, NLR, presentation)
  • 6th Resilience Engineering Association Symposium teaser (full info here)
  • Description of the ATM patterns and insights discovered in search of Resilience Metrics. (Santiago Muelas, UPM,presentation and Samuel Cristobal, Innaxis, presentation)
  • Modelling – Approaches to investigate resilience in an ATM system. (Peter Foerster, DLR, presentation)
  • Macro Modeling of the European Air Traffic Network – A data analytic perspective. (Gokhan Inalhan ITU and DHMI,presentation)
  • Wrap-up,  finishing at 18:00. (Carlos Álvarez, Innaxis)
  • Social event: “Madrid’s resilience” 19:00 at Plaza España.