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Innaxis participation at the SIDs

The 4th SESAR Innovation Days (SIDs), organised by Eurocontrol and the SJU, are next week: this year taking place in Madrid! In 2014, Innaxis has been particularly busy in the Air Transport research field and, just as in previous editions, we will be especially active during the SIDs. With the goal of warming the different research areas, and sharing with you open opportunities, this post aims to give you a small briefing on how we are participating in this event:

– ATM Resilience workshop:  After more than two years of hard work, the Resilience2050 FP7 project, coordinated by Innaxis, is achieving interesting results. We will be happy to welcome there all those researchers interested in sharing outcomes about this fascinating research thread. It will be celebrated during SIDs day “0”, Monday 24th,  14:00-18:00, at SIDs´premises. Please contact Hector ([email protected]) to expand this info.

– The SESAR-WPE ComplexWorld network has gone a long way in the last four years. Paula ([email protected]), the network coordinator, will be delighted of providing details of the 2014 activities (Workshops, CWWiki, DataScience event) and future initiatives (Book publication, Conferences). Please, do not hesitate to talk to her if you are interested in the network

– At Innaxis we have been working on Passenger-Oriented Metrics for long, crafting tools to identify, compute and analyse those metrics focusing on the 4 hour door-to-door challenge of FlightPath2050. Challenge now present in all strategic agendas, including Horizon2020 and SESAR2020.  Given our role either leading or participating in key FP7, H2020 and SESAR projects, feel free to contact Samuel ([email protected]) if interested in this topic!

– At the SIDs we will show a poster of the concept of Dynamic Cost Indexing (DCI) and its relation to the four-hour door-to-door objective using the CASSIOPEIA Agent Based Modelling (ABM) simulation platform. The CASSIOPEIA platform demonstrated high potential on a first SESAR WP-E project which, after completion, was awarded with an extension to continue further investigation and improvements. If you happen to be interested in the topic, please reach Alberto Blanch ([email protected]) for details.

– We are very proud of our advancements in Data Science which has been a pivotal area at Innaxis during the last few years. In May we organised the second Data Science Workshop for Air Transport, which was held in Paris-EEC. Currently, we are working on different elements of an infrastructure to allow major data mining work for Air Transport on different fronts; from evaluating current delay propagation or resilience of airports and airlines against disturbances, to identifying new paradigms on safety monitoring, all of which is based on powerful data analytics. Both David ([email protected]) or Hector ([email protected]) will be happy to discuss about this topic.

– Innaxis, together with University of Westminster will present a paper based on their ComplexityCost SESAR project. The paper defines a framework to assess the cost of resilience during a disturbance. The framework allows performance assessment as a function of differential stakeholder uptake of strategic mechanisms designed to mitigate disturbance. Advanced metrics, cost- and non-cost-based, disaggregated by stakeholder sub-types, are also presented.

– Innaxis is leading a pioneering project on Secure Computation applied to Aviation. Our researcher Massimiliano ([email protected]) leads the SESAR project: “SecureDataCloud”, or SDC, which will be presented during SIDs in several formats:

->  SDC Talk. In this talk, we are going to explain why and how Secure Multi-Party Computation techniques can be used to improve several air transport aspects, thanks to the ability of compute information in a secure way.

-> SDC is also planning to present a demonstrator. It will be composed of a set of laptops running a software framework performing a secure computation in real time: all SID participants will then be invited to play with the system and perform auctions!

-> Two SDC posters will be presented, describing the two Case Studies that are being developed in the project.

– Last, but not least, Seddik Belkoura ([email protected]) will take part of the CW-Phd session. On his paper he analyses how the use of the average and standard deviation of delays may provide incomplete intelligence to assess air transport system performance and evolution. Also, the alternative proposed way to look at delays naturally explains its heavy tailed nature without the need of emergent phenomena.

We hope you find our activities interesting and motivating while bringing you new interacting opportunities.

See you soon in Madrid!