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SecureDataCloud – applying secure computation to ATM data

The achievement of an efficient information sharing and coordination between the different stakeholders involved in air transport and ATM is nowadays considered one of the most important priorities in aviation, with potential benefits ranging from improved safety and reduced delays, to more environmental-friendly operations. In spite of its support as a priority, the management of the different types of information is at present separated between organisations, divisions and various stakeholders and mostly isolated and with little cross-integration, due to organisational and institutional barriers that prevent the timely and free-flow of relevant data.

A new research project, called SecureDataCloud and coordinated by Innaxis, aims to solve this problem by means of secure computation techniques. Secure computation is the field of cryptology devoted to the study of performing a computation while preserving the privacy of the inputs of the proprietary parties. Nowadays, there are several problems tackled using a secure computation approach, with applications spanning from secure sealed-bid auctions, elections with an electronic voting scheme and stock transactions, through to defense applications in military operations.

More information about the projects, partners, publications, and results obtained can be found on the project’s website,





ATM, Data Science