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SESAR Newsletter features Innaxis in Long Term and Exploratory Resarch

The fall publication of the SESAR Magazine has been posted on the SESAR website! For the first time, this edition is fully dedicated to the Long Term and Exploratory Research programme and highlights some examples of successful projects and networks developed under this framework. Included in this feature is Innaxis and its coordination of the ComplexWorld Network; illustrating the high visibility of the Network’s activities within this programme largely due to the results achieved.

Innaxis has been involved in two of the projects selected for publication: CASSIOPEIA and POEM. Innaxis coordinates the CASSIOPEIA project, which aims to develop a theoretical framework and a demonstrative software platform that increases the understanding of the cause-effect relationships between Air Traffic performance drivers and performance indicators.  POEM, or the Passenger-Oriented Enhanced Metrics project, is led by the University of Westminster in partnership with Innaxis. POEM establishes a new passenger-centred performance framework and simulation model for air transport. Additionally, POEM was awarded with one of the two “Most Outstanding SESAR Project” prizes during the SESAR Award ceremony in 2014.

Innaxis also coordinates the ComplexWorld network which addresses how complexity science can contribute to understand, model, and ultimately drive and optimise thebehaviour and the evolution of the ATM system that emerges from the complex relationships between its different elements. ComplexWorld has also succeeded in the development of a solid and open research community, the ComplexWorld Wiki, which builds together a common knowledge platform of the field.

We encourage members of the ComplexWorld network and those unfamiliar with the activities of Innaxis to read the SESAR magazine. This edition has great information on the SESAR Long Term and Exploratory Research programme, which will shape many research projects in the future.