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Spain´s ticket out of the Crisis

President of Microsoft Spain presents her thoughts at Innaxis sponsored EuroAmerica colloquium.

On November 19, 2009 María Garaña, President of Microsoft Spain, presented her thoughts on how Spain can overcome the crisis.

Compared to the rest of Europe, Spain has been hit with the hardest of the economic crisis. Unemployment rates are at 19.3% according to Eurostat, and Zapatero just announced a tax increase. It´s no surprise that consumer confidence is still at a low 45,1% compared to 76,1% just two years ago, and 84,5% in 2006 according to the data provided by the ¨Instituto de Crédito Oficial¨.

Garaña was invited to speak at the EuroAmerica November colloquium about Spain´s economic situation. During her presentation, she talks about three priorities Spain should have in order to try to get out of the crisis.

1. Encourage the formation of small and medium companies in the information technology industry.

2. Create incentives for young students that would like to study a technical career field and furthermore support young entrepreneurs that are trying to make their dreams a reality.

3. Lastly, encourage alliances between public administrations and private companies to create synergies.

Stimulating the cooperation and understanding is a popular objective, not only in the country of Spain but also Spain´s international relations. The EuroAmerica Foundation´s primary objective is to stimulate cooperation and understanding between European and Latin American institutions, companies and personalities. Innaxis as well, holds a similar vision, to act as a catalyst which makes possible the emergence of relevant, ambitious and interdisciplinary ideas and projects.

The Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute has been in close ties with The EuroAmerica Foundation, sponsoring a different event with the Minister of Science and Innovation as the invited speaker.

Below are pictures from the event. Innaxis continues to share this ´catalyzing´ objective with EuroAmerica and will also be sponsoring the next colloquium.