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2nd Colloquium sponsored by Innaxis

Invited speaker Francisco Ros- Spain’s Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society talks about the potentials of the technological sector for economy growth.

The economic situation is on everyone´s mind lately and more so in formal colloquiums such as the ones that are hosted by The Euroamerica Foundation. These events present an opportunity to hear certain personalities from the fields of science, politics, economy, and diplomacy and their reflections about the current situation in their field.

Innaxis sponsored the December colloquium in which Francisco Ros, Spain´s Secretary for Telecommunications and the Information Society, was invited to speak. He states that the Information Technology sector has increased by 16% in revenue, or 114 billion euros.

Francisco Ros also points out that within this growing industry a direct employee can generate between 6 and 7 induced jobs. Furthermore between 2005 and 2008, employment grew to 7.2%, encouraging growth in influencing economic sectors.

This sector has much importance on the economic growth both on a national and international level. In regards to growth on a national level, Francisco Ros talks about a few opportunities that should be taken advantage of especially during the Spanish presidency of the European Union that will be starting in January 2010.

Below you can find a picture with Innaxis president Carlos Álvarez with Francisco Ros as well as Carlos Solchaga,President of the Euroamerica Foundation.