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INOUI Final Dissemination Forum, Cologne Germany

Part of the INOUI Consortium, INX attends the Final Dissemination Forum

INOUI or, INnovative Operational UAS Integration, has had its final dissemination conference to present results and findings from the project. INOUI is funded by the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission and, as the title alludes, it focuses on the integration of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in non-restricted airspace.

An UAS consists of one or more remotely piloted aircraft, one or more pilot stations and the command and control links as well as any other system elements. Today, UAS are used mainly for miliary missions but civilian UAS usage is expected to grow. It is estimated that Europe could potentially represent the second largest market for UAS.

If integrated properly, UAS could provide a large amount of benefits for all stakeholders. However, some challenges must be tackled such as: lack of international regulations, reliability in regulation and certification, radio spectrum capacities, along with political and public acceptance.

The INOUI project has focussed primarily on:

  • Identifying the spread of operation concepts for UAS applications
  • Identifing how the UAS can fit into the ATM System of 2020
  • Identifying how UAS can benefit from SWIM
  • Identifying the safety issues related to UAS and developing high level safety objectives and requirements,
  • Identifying potential airport types for UAS operations

Paula López-Catalá is the primary researcher from Innaxis. She has been working on the INOUI project principally on Work Package 4 lead by Boeing which focuses on the 2020 UAS Common Operation Picture (SWIM Enabled).

The Final Conference was assisted by Alberto Blanch and Melanie Kubik. A retrospective concerning the final conference as well as documents to the INOUI project deliverables can be found at: .