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Innaxis presents paper on new approach to safety at the USA and Europe ATM R&D Seminar

Safety is a critical aspect of air traffic management and it receives significant attention from the research community. This criticality leads to lower innovation in different safety aspects, ensuring that only well-known and established procedures and technologies are applied. In this context, new ways to innovate in safety assessment techniques could not only provoke a significant change in the safety levels but also enable technologies and procedures through easier and more straightforward safety analysis.

Innaxis is a firm believer in the potential of complex networks analysis and the power of Data Science techniques. We will present the paper Synchronization Likelihood in Aircraft Trajectories in the next USA/Europe Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar, held from June 10 to 13, 2013 in Chicago. We strongly believe these techniques will set the foundation for new ways of analysing safety levels in different contexts; from providing new techniques and correctly evaluating the safety levels of large airspace blocks to the actual development of predictive analytics that would assist in the implementation of new automation technologies.

Please attend Massimiliano Zanin’s presentation of his paper if you are attending the Seminar and do not hesitate to contact him if this area is of interest to you. Massimiliano is reachable on [email protected].


The Federal Aviation Administration and the EUROCONTROL Organization will host the Tenth USA/Europe Seminar on ATM R&D June 10-13, 2013 in Chicago, IL, USA.

ATM, Data Science, Safety