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Tag: Data Science

Wh- Questions about Data Science

The five Wh’s of Data Science – What, Why, When, Who and Which. While preparing the upcoming October workshop in Data Science, Innaxis has gathered wh- questions and simple answers about the “new reality” of data science. We also provide links to pages where more information...

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Big Data challenges and benefits

In last week’s post – the first of a two part discussion on Big Data – an introduction to Big Data was made, including the main sources, currently, of Big Data. After explaining the state of the art of this field, in this second post the challenges and possible benefits of the new...

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Turning Big Data into Knowledge

In this two-part blog post we first look at the emergence of Big Data and the challenges it brings. In the next post we take a look at how these challenges are being addressed and the benefits this will unlock. The emerging challenge of Big Data Over the first years of the third millennium, worldwide...

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